When the idea of MANDILAX was conceived, we had no idea where exactly we were heading but years of experience given us more clarity. However, our goal was very clear from the on set. We visualized a place where luxury meets affordability without downplaying quality. 

MANDILAX is a mens jewelry store with a special focus on hip hop jewelry and contemporary fashion accessories for millennials who want to feel like stars and celebs without emptying their bank account.

In the words of our CEO, BJ-Mighty “Part of my philosophy as a person is to make sure that people understand that there is no shame in wearing high quality lab diamond or gold plated jewelry. This type of jewelry has been worn for decades”

He continues “Although, we have been able to attract luxury buyers who buy real gold and diamonds from us, I still don’t like the idea of pushing people to spend money they don’t have on crazy expensive jewelry just to show off when they can invest it for their future. I want people to be smart with their money and still be able to rock tonnes of high quality jewelry like the ones we produce at Mandilax.

We have been styling jewelry lovers since 2013 and built a reputable name as a go-to place for any kind of mens jewelry. MANDILAX is a subsidiary of UNCROWNED KING INT’L LTD registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria with registration number RC-1361472.

We offer a wide range selection of handpicked jewelry from the street and urban culture. We are known for customized jewelry and sales of ready-made gold plated and real karat gold jewelry for men.

We don’t just sell whatever we lay our hands on, we take pride in our selection of our collection and keep them limited to only the most stylish pieces. Be sure to check out our entire jewelry collection with unbelievable prices.