1. First off, Please DO NOT place a custom order if you are not ready to make FULL PAYMENT right away.
  2. All product in “REAL KARAT GOLD” are real gold as described in the product description. Do not order if what you are looking for is not real gold but affordable gold replica jewelry.
  3. Real gold as sold per gram. It means if the jewelry you want to buy weighs 20grams, you’ll pay 20 x (current price of 1 gram) = (Amount you’ll pay).
  4. Be 100% sure of the product you choose when placing your order because you won’t be able to outrightly exchange it for another. Any exchange or returns is negotiated as a separate deal due to the volatility in the price of gold.
  5. Real gold stock is very unstable so due to this instability, it is possible that sometimes there may be a very slight difference in the gram you ordered and what we currently have, however in such case, we’d contact you ahead of delivery to iron out this difference, usually, you get a small refund back or add a little.
  6. Re-read all of the above rules and understand it very well. If you have any questions, pls call us on +2349034996931. Thank you!
  7. With that being said, click here to order REAL GOLD